Education Law


Education law is the area of law that relates to public schools, teachers and all rights relating to public education at all levels. It is vital that our schools are well-equipped to provide a rich learning experience for our students. Today’s youth are our future and we have a duty to make sure they are given every opportunity to thrive and excel. If you are a parent in need of an education law lawyer in San Luis Obispo, or if you are a school or teacher in need of legal advice, contact Gillett Law. We can offer comprehensive counsel and guidance on all matters affecting schools, students, and educational laws.

In line with Mr. Gillett’s commitment to serving students and their families, he returned school at the University of Southern California to obtain a comprehensive command of education law and policy; he received a doctorate in education in 2012.

Dr. Gillett has served clients in matters involving:

  • Special education
  • Student discipline
  • Contract negotiation
  • Teacher review and school board governance at the k-12 level

Dr. Gillett also regularly advises school leaders, students, and parents in higher education matters including, diversity programing, Title IX investigations, sexual violence investigations, and related disputes.

Committed to Protecting Your Child

Dr. Gillett is passionate about serving students and protecting children. He understands the role of education and how important is in shaping a child’s future, as well as how it can affect a family’s overall dynamics. In particular, he recognizes that children with struggles and special needs are often left behind by the educational system. He aggressively advocates for the children and their parents, and works to protect their interests.